Our Core Values

Hellyer College provides students with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential, to lead fulfilling and productive lives and to contribute positively to our community. Through rich learning opportunities, our college community develops successful, qualified and skilled young people to success in further education, training or employment beyond Year 12.
Our Core Values provide a framework by which we expect all staff and students to embrace in order to achieve as below:      
High Expectations - We empower all students and staff to achieve and celebrate their personal best through high expectations
Relationships – We build positive relationships with students, staff and the community
Creativity – We encourage creativity in everyone; this is the cornerstone which fosters curiosity, experimentation, innovation, inspiration and connected learning
Learning – We provide a learning environment that is collaborative, innovative and relevant
RespectWe respect and care for each other and our environment
Resilience – We show our resilience as we learn from our mistakes and use the opportunity to improve; building a sense of determination and optimism when faced with challenges
Integrity - Integrity drives all of our decision making, underpins all learning experiences and is the hallmark of staff and student relationships